Dominadella Pie
Pie am a Poet and Spoken Word Artist in Toronto. From home to the streets and radio to the Universe. Unique in my vision and execution, PIE deliver slice after slice.
My material is recorded for my enjoyment. In the past I worked with DJs and produced some tracks but discovered that I had no interest in producing beats so I chose to leave beat production to the Producers, one of whom stole my entire collection and is currently using my extracted vocals in his productions without my knowledge or consent.
To find a Producer of honor with integrity and consciousness is my goal.
Writing has been therapeutic to this survivor and PIE write all of my material in a rather unique voice as my poems and social commentary become songs when paired with musical tracks.
Material contained may trigger and or offend. Listener discretion advised.  Mature audiences only please.  This first set of tracks were recorded on cassette tape and the sound quality is compromised but I decided to start with them because I love all of my material. The rest of the tracks are of a better sound quality. Most of the material was cut short by my assistant but I decided to leave as is. Thank you.